Love is when you can be away from
that certain person for weeks, months,
or even years and still feel hopelessly
in love with them.

Love is when you
think about them while you’re out or
watching movies and silly things
remindyouof them.

Love is when you
catch yourself smiling over them. Love
is when you go out of your way to be
there for them.

Love is when physical
touch doesn’t matter.

Love is when you
break down countless of times, and
he/she is there for you always. No
matter what. Love is when that other
person doesn’t leave, ever.




Father and Son


“Some fathers and sons don’t get along that well when they’re younger because they can’t find a way to reach each other, … A father loves you dearly but you don’t see it and so you’re always trying to please your father, but your father doesn’t let you know how he feels, which is, you don’t have to please him because he already loves you.”

Being Yourself

For those who feel that being nice, and saying Hello, smiling, leaving special messages for people got you no where but rejection and hurt.   Do not let that change the person that you are.   If you are a kind, thoughtful person who does nice things, don’t stop just because these people didn’t appreciate the goodness inside you.   It’s their reaction or lack of response that is the problem, not you! Don’t change yourself.   They need to change, they need to work on themselves. Keep being the wonderful kind you.

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A five year old girl went to a pharmacy
and ask the pharmacist..

-This is the only money i have, can i buy

-The pharmacist confused with that what the girl
asked and said..
… Why do you need a miracle for????

-The girl replied because the doctor said that
only MIRACLES can save my mom..:-((


I am with someone and it has been serious for a long time.   I just love my  current one & I’m deeply attracted to him.  But I am married but not legally separated.  I don’t have any communication with my ex for almost 7 years now.

Do I have to ignore the fact that I am married to someone, who doesn’t care for us anymore?  Or do I have to move on and be with the man who loves us and cared for us so much?